Earl of Manila – Stranger [Official Music Video]

Staring Lalaine Quinan & Carol Ramirez
Director: Brian Aligada
Producers: grafikGiraffe & Earl Limjoco
Cinematographer: Inna Cristobal
2nd Camera: Patrick David
Drone Camera: Dan Munoz
Editor: Brian Aligada
Colorist: Inna Cristobal
Make up: Pauline Jakosalem


Double Lined Minority – Facebook Likes Don’t Make You Famous [Official Music Video]

Director, Editor, Gig Camera Operator: Brian Aligada
Producer, Cinematographer, Tour Camera Operator: Inna Cristobal
Studio Camera Operators: Joe Sajot, Joy Cruz, Miggy Abesamis
Extra Footage: Double Lined Minority

Special thanks to Ballast Photography for the studio!


Pinoytuner Presents: Inch Chua – Artful Dodger

Director: Brian Aligada
Cinematographer: Inna Cristobal
Audio and Concept by: Carlos Castano